The Black Market For Bodies In America

In Revelation 18, the Bible clearly predicts that in the last days there will be a slave market. The King James says merchants will be selling slaves and souls of men. This is not new, slavery has existed throughout history. The original Greek gives further insight into the text. The literal translation of the phrase is bodies and lives of men. The literal translation is consistent with the fact that there exists today an international market in body parts. Much of it is illegal and hidden but there does exist an open market for baby parts. The Bible indicates that it will be Babylon who will be the major buyer of both lives of people and body parts.

The United States is clearly the largest importer of goods produced in sweatshop where people work extremely long hours without earning enough money to feed their families. The U.S. also purchases many goods in China and else where that are produced by slaves. There is also an international market for sex slaves that includes children. Alarmingly, trafficking is sex slaves exists in the United States. But the question begs, does there exist a market for body parts in the United States? Is it possible that such a market could include the execution of the innocent? Read this article to find the shocking truth.

There is a booming industry in the U.S. in body parts. The body parts of aborted children bring in huge sums to abortionists. In 2000 ran an article entitled “Body Parts For Sale.” The article included the following price quotes from an actual sales manual for a babies body parts: skin $100; limbs $150 each; ears $75 a pair; eyes $75; bone marrow $250; spinal cord $325; and brain $999. An adult body is worth even more. An adult body can sell for over $200,000 and with the organs in tact it can be worth much more.

The value of bodies is due to the fact that people want to be buried or cremated; they don’t want to become a commodity. Therefore the availability of bodies is limited. This opens the door for a black market in body parts. It is well known that there is an international black market in body parts. This black market includes people who willing sell one of their kidneys, comatose patients who are killed for their organs and executed prisoners whose organs are sold. This has been alleged to occur in nations such as India, Philippians, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Moldavia, England, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand and China.

Some believe that the mafia is involved in satisfying the need for body parts. The potential profit in the black marketing of body parts is staggering. For the Mafia, neither morality nor legality is an issue, so what would keep them from being involved?

In 2001 Italy’s DIA, the Italian equivalent of the FBI, issued a report stating that the “Italian Mafia along with their European, Asian and African counterparts, are behind” an international black market in human organs obtained from children. The revenue was estimated to be in the hundreds of millions per year. In the report, Agostino Pappalardo, director of the Anti-Mafia Investigative Department, stated: “Hearts, lungs and livers, taken out of men, women and children’s bodies are being smuggled across international borders from one continent to another to be sold on the black market. Unscrupulous doctors and surgeons are in the pay of the mafias. Clandestine prostitution is left to the Albanians and Moldavians. We suspect that even new-born babies and aborted children all over the world are being sold to supplement the coffers of the Mafia. This
is not fantasy, it is a reality.”

When the government investigates drug dealers or the mafia, one common method is to search for unexplainable sources of cash or assets. If someone has a large bank account, lots of cash, houses, fancy cars or expensive toys such as boats and planes and no source of income, it is assumed that the money and/or assets were obtained by criminal means. It is not hard to understand that if a person has something it must have come from somewhere. When legal means are eliminated, what is left is illegal.

This same reasoning can be applied to organ transplants. If someone receives a transplant and there is no legal source then it must be assumed that it was obtained illegally on the black market. Astoundingly, I have discovered that there are 48,114 kidney transplants in the United States that have no apparent legal donors.

The United Network for Organ Sharing keeps statistical records on organ donations and organ transplants for the U.S. government. A review of these records shows a very disturbing truth. Between 1988 and 2004 there were 48,114 more kidney transplants in the United States than there were kidney donations. This number cannot be explained as an error in the numbers; there is a consistent trend. There is an average of 2,830 more kidney transplants each year than there are donations. The deviation from this average is small. In the low year, there were 2,629 more transplants then donors and in the high year there were 3,186 more transplants then donors.

The only reasonable explanation for there being so many more kidney transplants than kidney donations is that there is an active black market in body parts in the U.S. If these kidneys sold for a mere $20,000 each, we are talking about almost a billion dollars. It is possible that they could sell for much more. In 1999 someone posted their kidney for sale on the Internet auction site eBay. The beginning asking price was $25,000 but the bidding went as high as $5.7 million before eBay blocked the sale.

The reason for a black market is simple; there aren’t enough organs to go around. 6,000 people die each year in the U.S. while they are waiting for an organ to become available. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, as of March 2004 there were more than 85,000 people on the waiting list for organs in the U.S. Further the waiting list grows by 19 percent per year. Such an enormous demand for organs creates an enormous profit potential to anyone willing to engage in the illegal trade of human organs. As the evidence suggests, that is precisely what is happening.

An organ that is properly removed, prepared and packaged can survive for approximately 5 hours. This means that it is not likely that harvested organs could be illegally imported into the U.S.; the transport time it too long. It is more likely that illegal aliens are brought into the U.S., murdered and their organs harvested and sold. There would be no record that they were ever here and no record that they were missing. Whatever the source for these organs, the facts support an active trade in human bodies in America just as the Bible states that it would. You see, America is the Babylon of Bible prophecy.

In 1994 Eric Sottas, President of the Geneva-based World Organization against Torture, was interviewed by Mexico’s Proceso magazine. Sottas authored the “Sottas Report,” which was the result of collaborative efforts between 200 human rights organizations over a three-year period. In his interview Sottas “confirmed the existence of international rings that kidnap children, “not only for illegal adoptions, pornographic activities, and child prostitution, but for the purpose of ‘trafficking in organs.’”" The “Sottas Report,” among other horrors, “listed 17 clinics in Tijuana and Juarez, on Mexico’s border, that perform sophisticated transplants of kidneys and corneal tissues from kidnapped children to wealthy Europeans and North Americans who pay top prices for the operations–no questioned asked. The Latin American countries listed as confirmed traffickers in child organs are Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, and Mexico.” The chief beneficiaries are North Americans. “In an earlier report to the United Nations, Sottas named Guatemala, Haiti, and Brazil as three countries in which street children are kidnapped for their organs.”

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Adult Dating and Personals – Finding Sex Partners Online

Dating is supposed to be fun and fulfilling. And, let’s face it, not everyone is exactly seeking a girl or boy to take home to mama, unless of course mama herself is not “traditional”. Adult dating and personals services were designed for those seeking fun and amorous dating. This includes casual sex as well as exploring of fantasies and fetishes.

Now, in this day and age, where “hanging out” and “hooking up” are accepted norms, the line as to where “adult dating” has been blurred quite a bit. Indeed, you can expect virtually each and every married couple to have engaging in premarital sex long before the wedding date, and sometimes the bride’s belly announces the fact. But this article is not about morals. The point is that adult dating is not just about casual relationships as these can be found virtually everywhere today.

However, casual sex is a big part of adult dating and personals in general. In fact, it is what drives the adult dating industry. After all, the same people who seek these types of liaisons in bars and nightclubs have discovered a better venue in online dating: a much better venue.

You see, adult online dating beats the bar scene hands down in that you don’t have to guess who wants what in an adult dating site: it is all spelt out right there in black and white. Plus highly suggestive pictures to go with it.

The first thing you need to do when seeking adult dating partners online is to sign up with a reputable dating site. This is one even more important than when signing up for other types of dating. Why?

Well, the nature of adult personals is that they attract all types of people. It is safe to say that “bad” types of people will be found in an adult dating site. After all, these are people who don’t hide the fact that they are… well, bad (you know, by societal norms). Therefore, you should sign up with a reputable paid dating site. Why not a free dating site?

You want to avoid free adult dating sites simply because they attract a huge number of curiosity seekers and people of ill intentions. No one in his/her right state of mind is going to pay a fee to sign up with an adult dating service “just to see what’s going on there”.

Also, criminal elements like to hang out in free dating sites (including non-adult ones) simply because they know they can hide much more easily. With a paid dating service you can always be traced using the credit card you used to pay your membership fee – unless, of course the card itself is a stolen one.

Next, create a catchy screen name. Just another “hotsandsexyjen24″ or “jakethestud” will not get you far. Try to make it more distinctive and meaningful.

Your picture is perhaps the most important aspect of your adult dating profile. You should post more than one if the site allows. This is where you put your best assets out there. In other words, flaunt it if you have it. No, this does not necessarily mean nudity. Rather, you should attempt to bring out your most attractive physical attributes in the picture.

This could be your bosom, bottom, eyes, lips… well, if you have something that people including strangers complement you on, this is what you should attempt to show in the photo.

You also need to write a good personal profile. Adult dating profiles differ from other types of dating in that you are seeking sex or fun partners, not a date in the traditional sense. Go ahead and use adult language – it is the essence of the game. Just say what you want and what you bring. Read other profiles that you like to get an idea and model (but don’t copy) them.

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Black Singles Online at Free Black Dating Websites

This internet world brings us the convenient way to find black singles at free online dating websites. There are thousands of black dating sites that provide an easy way to look for dates on net. What you need to do is to search for the best dating sites which have been online for a long time. Do not be afraid to register at these online black dating websites because you can delete your profile at any time. You need to contact the webmaster at any site you want to delete your profile. Looking at these sites to find single women and single men is common and easy. Many single people found their long term companions so you can do the same. Why wasting your money at the bars or nightclubs to seek dates? We are living in this electronic world, so, seeking online black singles at free dating services is the best way.

You should not try adult black dating personals services because these sites contain all adult black singles who just look for sex. So, you can not find a long term compatible relationship at these types of dating services. Even though there are many members who register at adult personals services but you should not. You are seeking a long term companion, not just for sex. Unless you are a married woman looking for a single man, then adult black dating site is the choice. For black singles who seek for love, then try online dating services.

Free online black dating services offer a means to find black singles on the internet. Single women want to find honest and sincere men to create a long term relationship. To know for sure if a man you date with looking for a commitment or not, you can ask him. If a single man looking for marriage, you can recognize that when go out with him. There are many single men and women looking for marriage at these free dating websites. There are also many of them just look for a short term relationship. So, you have that choice when searching at these black dating services.

Online dating services have been emerged and getting popular in the last few years. Many of these sites provide free services for internet black singles to find dates online. They just want to help single people to find dates on net. Single women seeking men online register their personal ads with a hope to find their dream mates. No wondering why these services are too popular these days. Can you imagine for just a few clicks from your mouse, there are thousands of black singles like yourself to show up on your screen.

There are free black dating services and paid sites. Members can select which one to join. It is better to try free dating sites first since you do not pay any fee. Try to find black singles online to fill up your dream is a must. Many single women and men are waiting to meet you so join these free online black dating websites to meet that special someone of your dream.

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Does Writing About Sex Sell Your Book?

It all depends. What level of readership are you writing for and how are you actually putting these often tricky words to the page? There are many different ways to write about a subject and a lot of the fun when you are a creative writer, is thinking about how you are going to come up with words that are interesting, exciting, relevant, and in good taste. Many writers forget about the latter and it’s crucial.

A majority of books are sold online these days and the readership varies, so choosing the right category from the get go will help readers find the right level of romance or sex that they are comfortable reading about. Books are often categorized by age and for Young Adults you need to go light on the intimate details, but make it interesting at the same time. Teenagers are very much aware of what’s out there and they’ll find the level of fiction that they’re comfortable with.

Choice of words is crucial for Young Adult books, and especially so with romance or sex (or a combo), as well as violence. A couple of samples are pasted below:

Young adult level of romance/sex (excerpt from an upcoming novella in the Vampire Romance category):

She invited me to dinner that time outside of the grocery store. One invitation lasts for a long time.

In an instant, Thor shape shifts to a thick black smoke and eases himself under the door, then reassembles on the other side. He stands still and assesses the situation, then goes quietly over to the windows to make sure the curtains are tight and there’s no gaps. After a moment, he walks over to Jen on the sofa and stands in front of her.

No room here. I have to take her to the bedroom. He caresses her hairline and cheek, then bending over, easily picks her up. After placing her on the bed, he lays down beside her. Jen is wearing her PJs and robe, so Thor eases the thick robe off her shoulders and unties the belt and unbuttons the top of her PJs. For all intents and purposes, she’s dead to the world.

Adult level of romance/sex (excerpt from a novel set in Ancient Egypt):

Meryneith covers his mouth with her hand, then reaching up on her tiptoes, kisses him.

Kemsa manages to balance himself on the side of the wall, and draws her to him, then kisses her cheek and neck and then further down after he slips the strap of her dress off. Using his kilt, she draws him in even closer. She unfastens her other strap and the dress falls to the ground.

So different. So much love, she tells herself.

So different. So much love, he tells himself.

“I forgot to ask you what you wanted to talk about.”

Deep in passion now, Kemsa can merely mumble. “I think all of my questions have been answered.”

After a very few minutes, thunder and then lightning approach and the next big flash of white hot light reveals their intertwined and naked bodies — one luminescent and pale amber and the other the color of a moonless Egyptian night.

Depending on how you write passages, major sections can be crossovers and will work in several genres. Choose your words wisely for the emotions you want to convey, and put a lot of yourself in everything you write.

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Black College Dating: The Top Four Things You Need to Know

The black college experience is one that is memorable for a variety of different reasons. One of the most exciting factors about college life is the social scene. Many young adults look forward to meeting a variety of people and potentially forming a close relationship without the close supervision of a parent or other authority figure. However, with every privilege, comes responsibility. Below are some elements that should be considered when dating at the collegiate level. The following are three important factors that you should know when embarking on the dating scene in college.

1. Be Yourself – This may be easier said than done, but you will find that it will really work in your favor if you develop a sense of self and know who you are when it comes to anything specifically college dating. All too often people try to front and change themselves in order to attract others. This may work in a few situations, but in most cases it becomes difficult to perpetuate a facade in order to keep someone interested. Thus, the best thing that you can do while dating in college is to simply be yourself. Being yourself will allow people to get to know the real you. Furthermore, you will not have to always worry about trying to impress someone because it is difficult to forget how to be you. Of course being yourself presupposes knowing yourself. If you don’t really know yourself yet, take some time to invest in doing so before investing time and energy in knowing someone else.

2. Be Safe – While college dating can be very fun, it is very important for you to be as safe as possible when meeting new people. There have been many incidences where young adults have encountered some very precarious situation while dating. Incidences such as date rape and stalking are a lot more common than people realize, and it is very important to take steps for dating safely. If you feel uncomfortable going on a date alone with someone it may best to suggest a double date or dates in public places where there are plenty of people around until you feel comfortable being alone with a person that you are dating. Alcohol and illegal drugs are often the contributors of trouble in dating relationships. Keeping a clear head that is unclouded by controlled substances is part of the pathway toward college dating success.

3. Have Fun and Learn – The college experience is about obtaining an education, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. The college environment will introduce you to so many different types of people and because of this there is the unique opportunity to meet, associate and date people who you may not have ever thought of dating. Although some people may want to establish long-term romantic relationships while in college, most people are just simply looking to have fun and to learn your likes and dislikes. Use this time to figure out what you want and what you don’t want in a mate.

4. Keep Sex in Context – Many potentially positive relationships have been ruined by the premature introduction of sex into the relationship. Hopping in bed before you really even know the person places too great of an emotional burden on the relationship before it is mature enough to bear such a demanding load. Once sex enters the picture, everything changes. Making friends is for dating and making love is for marriage.

In all, the college dating experience is one that is very unique and very enjoyable at the same time. It is important to remember to be safe, be yourself and have fun, learn and keep the sex in the right context. Decide to get the most from your dating experience while in college.

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7 Ways To Spend Less On Your Home Insurance Policy

Property is a prized possession, and to safeguard it from unexpected damages in the event of fire, flood, earthquake, etc. getting a home insurance is always necessary. However, if your existing health policy is exhausting your monthly income, listed below are a few sure shot ways with which you can control your home insurance costs:

1. Shop around: The decision of buying a home insurance policy should not be taken in haste. Instead, you must explore and make a list of insurance policies that are being offered by various insurance providers. You may also get insurance quotes online to estimate the costs of different policies. Choose a reliable company from which you can buy the comprehensive home insurance plan that suits your needs, and of course, your budget.

2. Increase your deductibles: Deductibles is the fraction of the claim that you have to pay before your insurer pays the claim as per the terms of the policy. The higher the deductibles you set, the lower premiums you will have to pay every month. However, you must set the deductibles as high you can afford.

3. Locate intelligently: Purchase the property in a strategic location but make sure that it is based away from the damage-prone areas. Reason being, if you live in a disaster-prone areas where flood, storm or earthquakes are a common occurrence, there are chances that your home insurance policy may have a separate deductible for such kind of damages.

4. Avoid making small claims: This is the most common mistake that many people make. You exhaust your policy in small claims thus leaving no room for bigger loss protection. Rather it is advised to deal with smaller issues on your own and keep this policy to protect your home from bigger catastrophic losses.

5. Improve home security: To avoid getting your home damaged from little mishaps, it is suggested to increase the security in your home by installing devices like smoke detectors, burglar alarm, etc.

6. Merge Policies with one Insurer: Just like you pool your internet, phone, and TV package, you can also merge your insurance policies with one insurer. Buy your health insurance, homeowners, life, and auto insurance plan from one insurance company and come out cheaper by bundling these insurance products together. You may also buy policies in a package that is less expensive as compared to single policies. It also liberates you from the trouble of policy renewal.

7. Eliminate Unnecessary Coverage: Don’t buy the coverage you don’t need. Like earthquake coverage is often unnecessary in most zones, don’t include jewelry if it is at a catchpenny price etc. Also exclude a land value from your policy. Covering land on which your house is constructed is simply of no use as it is unlikely that your land will be stolen or burnt is fire. So to save big, insure the value of your home only.

There are many insurance providers who offer age and profession discounts as well. Some times there certain discounts for retirees and people with good credit rating. Never eliminate the coverage that is important just to save your money as spending extra on important services will benefit you in the long run.

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Home Denture Repair Versus Professional Services

As anyone with dentures can tell you, it is not a matter of “if” they break, but “when.” It also seems as if breaks come at the most inconvenient time possible. From full or partial breaks to teeth breaking or falling out completely, a broken denture can make life miserable. That’s probably why there are so many do-it-yourself kits on the market today. Walk in to any drugstore and you’ll find a kit that claims to make them as good as new quickly and easily. But before you attempt to repair dentures yourself, consider a professional service.

Home Denture Repair

Over the counter fix-it kits seem like a good solution if you need to patch-up your dentures and want to avoid a dental office visit. After all, home kits are inexpensive, easy to come by and there is no waiting involved. This makes fixing them yourself an attractive option; but an easy fix can turn into an expensive replacement if you’re not careful.

There are many things to consider when attempting to repair dentures at home. To begin with, you should know what your dentures are made out of and which part is broken. Different materials require different acrylics or resins and some of the acrylics used in dentures are not compatible with over the counter kit materials. Secondly, some problems are simply beyond the scope of do-it-yourself kits. If your dentures fit poorly, cause pain or sores in your mouth or fall apart no matter how much adhesive you use, you are better off having them professionally repaired or replaced.

Improper mending can sometimes be worse than the break itself. A poorly fitting denture and the chemicals used in the materials can irritate your mouth. The frustration that goes along with the mixing and measuring involved with over the counter kits is sometimes enough to cause the do-it-yourselfer to give up and turn to a professional for assistance.

Professional Services

Working with a professional service is another option. Denture repair companies offer top-quality services. In fact, many dental offices send dentures to these same companies to make the necessary repairs for their patients. A dental repair lab can provide a team of trained dental technicians, managers and dentists on every repair job that comes in and uses only ADA-approved materials and supplies, ensuring a high-quality and safe end product.

A professional repair company can handle full or partial breaks, repair a tooth or provide a replacement, create duplicates and clean your appliance. Best of all, orders can be placed without leaving your house. Phone and Internet orders combined with mail services means you don’t even have to leave the house to get your dentures repaired. Many of these companies offer same-day service and overnight shipping which means your teeth are repaired and back in use in the shortest amount of time possible.

Ultimately, you need to make the choice that works best for your situation and with which you feel the most comfortable. Dentures are a significant investment and should be maintained properly and repaired professionally to ensure proper use and retain a natural appearance.

Denture Repair Lab is a full-service professional denture repair company. Whether they just need to repair a tooth or repair dentures completely, customers rely on the company’s professional, quick service and free overnight shipping.

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Home Computer Repair – The Do Nots

Hello, and welcome to Computer Repair at Home!

If you think home computer repair is hard or next to impossible then please read this article.

Ok, so you are almost certainly here reading this because you have, or believe you have a computer predicament, or maybe your home computer is just not performing normal. DO NOT do the flying experiment! Your computer cannot fly, and will by no means be able to fly, so do not test this theory out of your second story window! Simple home computer repair techniques I will explain to you will help; all while your bank account stays untouched(credit cards too)

So concerning this blog… I am going to be schooling you (not selling you) how to go from identifying that you have a home computer repair problem, all the way to fixing that same problem. The principle is to get your home computer functioning the way you want it to.

Along the journey you will learn I do own and control a home computer repair and services company, BUT in no way am I at this juncture to solicit their services. We only service a very little area in southeast Michigan. Be taught what you can here for free, so that you will not require any home computer repair gurus for help.

What not to do. Do not shell out for such programs like Norton Anti Virus, Mcafee Anti Virus, or any other over priced program. These programs expend more on advertising than on the quality of their product, and most will not assist you in your mission to get your home computer repaired. Also there are programs obtainable only by way of the internet which will not resolve any of your home computer repair problems and only make your bank account decrease.

Some programs are, Registry Repair, Registry Cleaner, Reg Mechanic, and Reg Cure. These programs will cause you a lot greater harm than benefit, and there are not a lot of ways to get help in the occasion you do not recognize how it works.

I have experimented with most of the programs in one way or more on my home computer. You can discover a lot of them when you do a very easy Google query for “home computer repair”. I have thus far not found one program that works effectively for a broad variety of computer repair problems. There are a number of programs that function well for very precise list of home computer repair jobs, the problem then is in recognizing your individual issue, and can it be fixed without spending money; often the answer is yes!

In the occasion I do ever find a program that can resolve a lot of the normal home computer repair issues, I won’t delay in endorsing the program and I will profit monetarily. You have been warned. I am human and this is what I love to do, if I can get paid for it, while staying honest, I will. Until then, on with the free home computer repair counsel and instruction…

Home Computer Repair – how did I learn?

How do I identify how to repair home computer repair problems? I have learned a lot, diverse things from different programs that I had to buy. I educated myself that these programs were not doing anything really complicated, everything I knew I could do myself .

I have decided not to tell you the exact learning process with my experience with various programs, and online tutorials about home computer repair. That will just end up boring you a lot, and you’ll leave and end up paying for some program that will cause you more harm than good. Not to mention cause your bank account $ amount to decrease! Instead I will explain to you in very simple terms how to do your very own home computer repair.

I’ve gained the knowledge, so I am passing it off to you, in the hopes you can benefit, or your computer can benefit, without spending loads of cash on programs that will not work and just confuse you.

Most programs that claim to fix your computer, do not, and are a big waste of $$$. I know, as I have tried a lot of them when first getting into home computer repair. I learned a lot from them, in how they worked, but my bank account took a hit for this.

I learned that these programs were not doing anything special, and I eventually taught myself the gist what each program did. Now I am able to fix almost any home computer repair problem. You will have the ability to do the same, but you will not have to learn from an over priced program you have to purchase and spend hours interpreting.

You could now do one of two things: use a professional company to do your home computer repairs or you can comprehend that almost all problems are very simple to fix, and you are able to do it, with a little help from me, in no time flat.

So don’t become stressed out while reading my blogs, ingest my lessons one step at a time. I wish I could emphasize this more, you must take this slowly and stop when you don’t understand something before moving on. In very little time you will have the skills to identify and resolve most of your own home computer repair issues.

I’m a regular guy who has recently taken interest in the home computer repair field, and learned some things that can help others with their everyday interaction with computers. I remember about two years ago I knew nothing about computers, that gives me the mind set to explain in laymans terms how to help the masses who think they don’t know enough to fix their home computer issues.

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Auto & Home Insurance

We Listen, We Serve, We Educate more.
We have a “No pressure” approach.
Price. We shop more companies to find the lowest rates.
We can handle most all your insurance needs. Free Quotes
Honest enough to say “We are Not always your best option”
We don’t spend massive $$$ on advertising.
Allowing us as an independent agent to pass the savings to you.

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Wherever your move takes you, we have the expertise to get you there!

Over the last century William B. Meyer, Inc. has worked hard to earn a reputation as the preferred local, national, and international relocation expert. Our internal service quality programs ensure you have the best possible move experience, from start to finish. Since 1915, we have provided industry-leading moving services throughout the Northeast, the United States, and the world.

Our dedication to consistent, top-level service has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. United Van Lines repeatedly rates us within the top 5% of residential movers in the business. Through our United Van Lines partnership we have access to a national network of quality move partners that allow us to provide superior service to you.

Nationwide pack and haul service
Licensed freight forwarding
Over 1 million square feet of warehousing space
Dedicated climate controlled warehousing for fine arts and antiques
In-house quality assurance and claims programs
Dedicated and experienced move managers
Web-based client connection portal
On-line, 24/7 access to origin and destination information

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